Shriver and Holland Associates provides comprehensive architectural, planning, and project coordination services for projects ranging in from individual buildings to phased complex projects. The firm is prepared to provide consulting services necessary to meet special project requirements, and also to collaborate with the client's own available resources. Architectural services include master planning, feasibility and programming studies, site planning and complete architectural and engineering design services including civil, structural, mechanical and electrical communications systems, landscaping, interior and graphic design services. Our singular focus is to deliver superior integrated solutions to our clients in support of the specific needs of the project and interests of the community. The firm maintains working relationships with specialized consultants therefore applying appropriate specific expertise to unique project needs.
Architecture embodies far more than building design. Architecture not only serves the basic needs of life and the many activities that we engage in, it serves to define our culture and how we live within it. Prior to beginning conceptual development for a project, it is essential to establish a sound facilities program that identifies basic space and functional requirements in addition to basic programming services. We provide assistance and leadership in the projection of future requirements, development of project cost and phasing and scheduling information.
Most institutions and facilities are subject to future growth and development, and require preparation of long range development plans suitable for orderly, phased implementation. It is important that these plans maintain a complete and useable facility during each phase of development. Typically, design studies will explore and define land use, single and phased multi-building development options, systems integration, traffic flows, parking requests and current and future utility requirements and projection of future requirements.
project coordination
Effective listening is one of our principal leadership skills. Our project coordination services reflect over 40 years of experience in assisting public and private clients with their unique project design, management and support requirements. In collaboration with the client, assemble and coordinate a specific team according to their needs. We assist in the evaluation and definition of the roles of the participants, which include the client, operating staff, consulting team, and the construction industry. We frequently serve in the role of project director in order to provide leadership and support to the entire project team and to assure coordination. Based upon the individual needs of the projects, we can provide the organization and management that is required to maintain continuity, coordination, documentation, and reporting and controls through all stages of the development process.
interior design
We believe that the development of interior design objectives, criteria, and concepts should begin early in the project programming process and concept design phase. Accordingly, we offer interior design services as well as the opportunity to engage and/or coordinate with the owner's selected interior design resources. Our goal is to develop practical and integrated design solutions that assure functionality, aesthetic satisfaction, comfort utility and durability. As architects and interior designers we understand the importance of designing the comprehensive interior environment.
construction services
Our clients' success is built upon effective execution. We aim to combine our talent, technical skills and experiential knowledge to complete the project. We are committed to work with others to unify the owner, engineers, and contractors into a complete and cohesive team. Construction administration and actual construction cost depend considerably on qualities such as imagination, diligence and the ability to lead, communicate, and to cooperate. Shriver and Holland Associates is experienced in successfully working within 'not to exceed' maximum cost budgets, and project procurement methods that often include bringing prequalified contractors into the project team in the development process through competitive, qualification based selection procedures.
facilities management
Shriver and Holland Associates has had the opportunity to maintain on-going client relationships that allow us to serve the changing and evolving needs of many projects. Throughout the planning, design, and execution of projects, we maintain a focus on the practical issues of facility operations, maintenance, and management. Upon completion of phased construction services, we provide operation, maintenance, service instruction and documentation, relocation planning, facility commissioning, and other follow-up services for transition into organized project occupancy and owner management.

Norfolk International Airport

Virginia Wesleyan College Master Plan
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