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Shriver and Holland Associates is a full service architectural firm dedicated to helping individuals, public and private organizations create total environments of quality and value. We present a highly creative and pragmatic design approach, focusing on the value of a long-term life cycle. Our goal is to develop comprehensive solutions that embody value, that have functional and maintainable and operational capabilities, anticipate future change, and satisfaction of experience. We provide planning, design, and construction administration services for a broad range of project types. These include schools and universities, airports and transportation centers, military installations, hospitals and clinics, museums, performing arts centers, industrial and commercial facilities, housing communities and urban planning projects. The firm has completed assignments regionally, nationally, and internationally, serving private, governmental, and institutional clients. Our services are made available on a full-service basis, or within a team setting to meet specific requirements.

We believe architecture is the creative integration of art and science in building. Our primary goal is to meet client's goals and in so doing we seek to maintain a high level of respect for the natural and built environment as well as the present and future interested community. The members of the firm, by reason of their training, experience, are committed to providing their clients professional design services consistent with the high standards which derive from full utilization of the many planning design and building resources available today.

Shriver and Holland Associates, founded in Norfolk, Virginia in 1956 as a partnership of Henry V. Shriver and Ayler J. Holland Jr., has continued to grow in organization resources and experience to meet the challenge of increasingly complex projects. We continue to be organized as a general practice and have provided a full range of architectural and project coordination and management services. We maintain long-standing relationships with consultants; construction industry and product supply interests. Since our inception we have sought public and private project assignments emphasizing changes that result in distinctive lasting and serviceable design.
Shriver and Holland Associates is a Limited Liability Professional Corporation. Each project is organized in a team format and under the direction of a principal in charge and supported by qualified personnel in key positions functioning at all stages of development. In order serve specific assignments, we normally engage and coordinate engineering and specialized consultants to address project requirements. Constant personal and professional developments are fundamental requirements. We encourage a collegial, professional environment with a multi-disciplinary approach to architecture, planning and design. Firm members are encouraged to develop their gifts under leadership, and to mentor within the firm structure. At all levels the firm pursues development and service delivery through a policy of servant leadership.
Strong relationships provide the basis for good communication and create an environment where ideas are born, mistakes are recognized, and experience is grown. The firm's history of successful performance has been guided by the principle that well coordinated project management and timely communication is the key to the achievement of the clients' objectives. Our firm seeks to deliver complete, well-documented, and coordinated design for all of our projects. Qualified professionals with diverse and complementary abilities are assigned to fulfill the specific needs of each project, proceeded by a systematic review of intentions and implementation progress at designated stages. From the beginning of the design process, the project teams are organized to collaborate closely with the client and chart representatives to fully comprehend goals/opportunities and maximize the incorporation of collaborated knowledge and ideas.
While people are our most valuable resource, we utilize advanced tools and technology to most effectively support the delivery of professional services specific to each clients' unique requirements. Shriver and Holland maintains capabilities for a variety of computer CADD design, project management, and visual communication applications. We provide design exploration through, 3-D modeling, rendering, and interactive presentation of construction documents and post-construction services. We utilize a variety of applications including: Arris®, Revit®, AutoCAD®, Lightscape®, Lightwave®, Adobe PhotoShop®, CorelDRAW®, Macromedia Dreamweaver®, Deltek®, and Primavera®.
Shriver and Holland Associates,
circa 1973
design/project management
team on site
Concept Sketch for Dunlap-Garrick
International House
Cowgill Hall, circa 1968
Burchard Hall, circa 2000, VPI&SU
Nauticus Stainless Steel Globe
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